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  • Residual Fuel Combustion: Rotary Cup Burner

    With the rotary cup burner, the burner imparts rotational energy to the fuel so that it leaves the burner tip as a hollow, rotating cone formed of fine droplets of oil. The combustion stage itself can now commence, and in a boiler furnace a type of combustionGet Price

  • Aalborg KBE - Alfa Laval Mid Europe - PDF Catalogs | …

    The Aalborg KBE burner also has a 5-15% lower power consumption than the Aalborg KB (relative to burner size). The low weight Aalborg KBE burner can be bolted or welded onto the boiler and is designed to sustain shipment well due to its sleek design. The working principle of rotary cup burners is based on atomizing by centrifugal force.Get Price

  • flame eye in boiler – Industrial Boiler

    2017/7/4 · Based on thetechnology of the rotary cup burner, Sunflame creates boiler burners and FIRE EYE Gas Burner Sequence Controller – Hi-Therm Boiler … Fire-Eye is designed for automatic startup of gas burners and flame monitoring in Gasfired furnaces and …Get Price


    2021/11/30 · Dismantling and Reassembling of Boiler Rotary Cup Burner. MAKER. : SUNFLAMEMODEL. : SDR - 1500 #Sunflame_Boiler #Boiler #Rotary_Cup_BurnerGet Price

  • Rotary Cup Burners - John Zink Hamworthy Combustion

    Rotary Cup Burners. Electrotec® rotary cup burners deliver excellent performance in bulk carriers, general cargo/container/passenger ships and car carriers/RoRo vessels — typically in boiler applications from 2 to 22 t/h steam. Features include: 9 to 29 MW boiler input Burns a wide range of fuels Sludge firing option at low temperature Low noise levels and […]Get Price

  • High-quality fuel oil meters and high-quality boiler burners - a …

    Founded in 1968, SUNFLAME Co., Ltd. is the world leading manufacturer of the rotary cup burner. SUNFLAME Co., Ltd. operates from its headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. Their 70 employees develop and build boiler burners and incinerators for marine vessels that are characterized by an optimized design and by easy operation and maintenance.Get Price

  • Rotary cup burner - RF series - BROX BOILER & BURNER COMPANY - fuel oil / for boilers …

    Find out all of the information about the BROX BOILER & BURNER COMPANY product: rotary cup burner RF series. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale.Get Price

  • LNG burner - SKVJG-M - SAACKE - for ships / for boilers / rotary cup

    Description. the compact and extremely robust SKVJG-M Monoblock Rotary Cup Burner allows the use of the high viscosity fuels common in the industry. The larger control range of the rotary cup compared to other technologies increases the maximum efficiency of the combustion system. Depending on the fuel, the SKVJG-M is available as a burner for Get Price

  • ABML Engineering

    Replacement parts for various burner systems, e.g. pressure atomising burners, rotary cup burners, steam atomising burners etc. Safety checks and reprogramming of control systems. Installation & commissioning of boiler,burners & control equipment.Get Price

  • Infomarine On-Line Maritime Directory - SUNFLAME

    Based on the technology of the rotary cup burner, Sunflame creates boiler burners and incinerators for marine vessels, which are now being used throughout the world. 1-30 Nishinohata, Okubo-Cho, Uji, KYOTO 611-0033, JAPAN TEL Kefid10 FAX 0774-41 Get Price

  • Free Flashcards about Low pressure boiler

    The rotary cup burner uses _____ to atomize the fuel oil. A spinning cup and high velocity air In order to verify the position of a fully open manual valve, the operator should operate the handwheel: In the closed direction, then open the valve to the previouslyGet Price


    SUNFLAME.CO.,LTD. Sunflame is the world leading manufacturer of the rotary cup burner. Based on the technology of the rotary cup burner, Sunflame creates boiler burners and incinerators for marine vessels, which are now being used throughout the world. Today, by the efficient use of the rotary cup burner, Sunflame products enjoy the reputation Get Price

  • Boiler & Burner Spares: Ready Stock of Critical Parts frm Different …

    When your boiler breaks down, there is one crucial part to check: The boiler burner. Having a spare part at hand greatly reduces the time required for replacement. At GIANTECH, we offer a comprehensive supply of boiler and burner spare parts from different makers.Get Price


    Rotary Cup Burner ・Boiler Burner・SUNFLAME.CO.,LTD.Get Price

  • Boiler Services – Cobeserv

    Boiler & IGG automation & Combustion Controls Engineers trained on OILON burner in Finland. Experience on most of the boiler's controls. Complete refurbishing of controls systems. PLC programming, repair or upgrade of PLC of new type. Service on Burners • Inspection • MDO / MGO setting in program • Annual or pre-dockingGet Price

  • oil fired osaka boiler – Coal Steam Boiler Purchase Enquiry

    2020/4/17 · rotary cup burner rotary cup burner Established Osaka-Sunflame KK for burner service company performance of rotary cup burner from high viscosity oil combustion with Boiler, can be installed in the existing system & layout without changing much of F. O. operation.Get Price

  • Marine Boiler Burner and Combustion - MirMarine

    Marine Boiler Burner and Combustion. In a marine boiler, oil fired burner is normally used with diesel or heavy fuel oil as burning fuel. The fuel to be used has to be clean and with correct temperature and viscosity for rapid combustion.Get Price

  • FPSO Floating Production, Storage and Offloading List of …

    Rotary Cup Burner for Aux. Boiler MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD. SUNFLAME CO., LTD. Marine Turbines Steam Turbin ⑥ Turbine for Generator KAWASAKI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD. MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD. Steam Turbine LTD. Get Price

  • Water Emulsion Combustion System ・Boiler Burner …

    Rotary Cup Burner ・Boiler Burner・SUNFLAME.CO.,LTD.Get Price

  • Boiler Burner・SUNFLAME.CO.,LTD.

    Boiler Burner Rotary Cup Burner Wide ranges of fuel viscocity Control Panel Emulsion Combustion Incinerator Rotary Cup Burner Refractory HOME > Products > Boiler Burner Company Core Competence Products After-Sales …Get Price

  • Alfa Laval - Aalborg OM-TCi

    The standard boiler can be delivered with an Aalborg Industries burner with fully automatic operation and control. The burner is designed for a high turndown ratio with complete combustion at low oxygen levels. Alfa Laval Aalborg's KB rotary cup burner or AalborgGet Price

  • Operational Reliability of the - Srce

    22 doi: 10.7225/toms.v02.n01.003 Joško Dvornik and Srđan Dvornik: Operational Reliability of the Rotary Cup Burner Type Saacke - SKV 60 of Marine Boiler atomization, creation of combustible mixture, ignition and combustion. Each stage considerably affects theGet Price

  • Engineer training at Sunflame factory, Japan - Ravebo Marine …

    2018/12/4 · was practiced on a training boiler and a training rotary cup burner (such as the SR-350 series burner). Later on, the engineers have mainly been busy with the overhauling and upgrading of the Block pipe units along the overhauling of the rotary cup burners Get Price

  • Rotary cup burner for heavy fuel oil or diesel oil

    By the emulsion fuel, and by this control of air volume, Sunflame realize 7.4% reduction of the fuel consumption. If your ship is adopting the Sunflame Rotary Cup Burner. The emulsion combustion system can be equipped additionally by a compact unit with the latest technology, with almost no change of layouts around the boiler and piping.Get Price

  • Saacke / Weishaupt / Oilon / Sunflame / Clayton - Scandinavian Boiler …

    Essential to the full-service offer of Scandinavian Boiler Service is our broad range of spare parts. SBS offers most parts for any make of burners, e.g. electrical components and control panels. For boilers e.g. tubes with extended heating surface, gaskets and valves.Get Price

  • Rotary Cup Burner ・Boiler Burner・SUNFLAME.CO.,LTD.

    The rotary cup burner, known with its excellent performance of oil fuel combustion, though, is also known for its numerous component parts. Sunflame Rotary Cup Burner overcomes this by its continuous developments, and has …Get Price

  • Wide ranges of fuel viscocity ・Boiler Burner・SUNFLAME.CO.,LTD.

    Since the rotary cup burner is a low oil pressure type burner, even if any leakage of MGO from loose pipe connections is found, the splashing volume is much less. As the rotary cup burner has no nozzles, even if sludge is generated by mixing MGO and HFO, no choking will occur.Get Price

  • Ray International | Rotary burner bge

    Burner model: Rotary burner BGE App li ca ti on range: steam- and hot water boilers of all con struc tion sizes, power station tech no lo gy, thermal process app li ca ti ons like waste firing plants, indus tri al heat pro duc tion and others. 12 types for com bus ti on of all fuel oils Get Price

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